• June 2023 Update/Check-In!

    I know... It's been a minute :( It has been a while since I have wrote a blog. For those who love the updates and actually read my blogs I'm sorry :( It's 2:25am but I owe you guy's an...

  • My Love For Business

    My Love For Business

    How The Mula Collection Came About....❤️
  • 12/31/22


    All New Lashes On The Way! Name a style, we got it!
  • I'm thinking about bringing the beauty bundles back...

    If your new here, beauty bundles are bundles of a little bit of everything that this collection provides. Last year, at my high school's entrepreneurship showcase, one of my most bought items was my beauty bundles consisting of a three...

  • The Restock Is Here!

    The Restock Is Here!

    Our rose oils were one of the most frequently bought items the last few months! So frequent that we had ran out! So, with me being the overachiever that i am, when I restocked, I wanted it to be better...

  • Upcoming Skincare Restock!!

    Upcoming Skincare Restock!!

    In the month of May and June, our Rose Oil was one of the most purchased items! We are happy to announce that by June 22, 2022, we will be restocking over 15 2oz. bottles of our Rose Oil made...