My Love For Business

My Love For Business

How The Mula Collection Came About...❤️

I was only 15 years old when I knew I wanted to start a business. I genuinely only wanted to start one so that I could stop working for other people and so that I could buy whatever the heck I wanted to buy. 

As I grew, I knew I wanted my business to be different than other beauty businesses. I started out just selling wallets, lipgloss, and edge control brushes. Then I advanced to lashes. The lashes was something I was most passionate about because I had already wore them myself. After about 2 months later, I was selling lashes, lipgloss, jewelry, and other little tiny goods like scrunchies. I didn't see any other beauty business sell so much at a time so I wanted to be the first to achieve that. Now, the beauty supply store COULD compete with The Mula Collection, but what they can't compete with is our top-tier quality products and 24 hour availability! THAT'S what makes us different!

Something else I wanted to do different was have a spot on my website where I can talk to you guys. Or moreso leave updates for you guys. I feel like writing blogs is a great way for you all to see what is new and see what ideas are coming about. Now, we are always growing and improving the business. But, so far so good, I can't wait until greater things come into store. <3

Have a great New Year!!!!! 

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