June 2023 Update/Check-In!

I know... It's been a minute :(

It has been a while since I have wrote a blog. For those who love the updates and actually read my blogs I'm sorry :( It's 2:25am but I owe you guy's an explanation. I've been busy with preparing for college. I also have been selling my purses like crazy! So because purses are very high in demand right now, I am almost 90% sure that purses will remain at The Mula Collection. 

in addition to this, we have other beauty items that will be returning to the store. We have all new chains, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, designer purses, and the top selling lash style, "fierce minks"!!! I am so excited for this restock. In my opinion, I believe it is the best one yet. :) 

Thank you for the continued support and I cannot wait to further grow and expand my company, simply for the benefit of you. STAY TUNED!!! I love y'all. Goodnight. 

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